Punta Gorda All-Natural Antioxidant Drink has arrived!

New Punta Gorda All-Natural Antioxidant Drink is all the rage. You can’t beat 1 calorie and the delicious berry taste! Do you have an active Punta Gorda or Babcock Ranch lifestyle? Does your day consist of cooking, cleaning, getting children to their Punta Gorda or Babcock Ranch Neighborhood school and after-school lessons and trying to keep up with the laundry?

Are you a Naples businessman or Fort Myers businesswoman who spends a lot of time in airports, hotel rooms and rental cars?

Do you work two Port Charlotte jobs trying to keep ahead of the bills? Are you fortunate enough to have discretionary time to pursue your hobbies or have even a little time for yourself? Are you a full-time Punta Gorda college student who works part time and studies late into the night?

Do you get up at 5:00 am to squeeze in a six-mile run before the rest of your Babcock Ranch household wakes up? Are you busy searching for a SW work from home Florida job? Are you caring for an aging parent, chronically-ill spouse, or special-needs child? Are you a SWFL retiree who unselfishly contributes your time to community humanitarian organizations?

Whew! If any of these descriptions are accurate, The XeTRM beverage is for you.

XeTRM combines the wonderful berry flavor, leaving you with a lasting, ‘delicious’ taste.

Do you know anyone in Punta Gorda who doesn’t have an active lifestyle? XeTRM is the health drink your body is craving.  Contact me at 941-676-7300 or visit us online at 3sonsmom.com.

I recommend Well Beyond healthy chocolate products because they have changed my life. As a family with many health issues, we were looking for something that could make a difference. Xe TRM is that product. All three of our children are on Well Beyond healthy chocolate products as well as my husband & I. We are all seeing benefits..

Create health & wealth with Well Beyond healthy chocolate products.! Especially this skinny stick weight loss fat burn solution.

Lynette Henk