F-A-R For Punta Gorda Kids With Asthma Attention Punta Gorda parents of children with asthma: Johns Hopkins Children’s Center recommends the FAR approach to prevent flare-ups. FAR stands for Flu shot, Avoid triggers, and Regular use of meds.1

Flu Shot: Respiratory infections are dangerous for Punta Gorda children with asthma. The flu shot lowers the risk of catching a bug and also helps lessen complications for those who do get the flu.
Avoid triggers: Punta Gorda parents of asthmatic kids should determine the triggers and protect their child at their home, Punta Gorda school, and wherever their child spends time.
Regular Medication: The meds referred to are the controller or prevention medications, not the rescue meds designed for use after an attack is in progress.

The Johns Hopkins article also reminds parents to be extra careful when the seasons change–a common time for an increase in attacks.

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1‘A FAR-Out Treatment Approach to Fall Asthma Flare-Ups,’ Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, October 12, 2011, http://www.hopkinschildrens.org/newsDetail.aspx?id=10251, accessed on October 14, 2011