Geo-Targeting Can Boost Your Punta Gorda Home BusinessJust because your Naples online business can sell to anyone on the globe, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to appeal to the customer next door. Specifying the markets you are targeting is an effective strategy for Punta Gorda internet business owners.

ListPipe, the corporate blogging authority, explains how localization can help your Punta Gorda home business e-store or blog:

The first reason is to appeal to the search engines for Naples search results. With the popularity and widespread use of mobile devices, search engines have been quick to respond with results based on location.

When you search for ‘haircut’, for example, Google assumes you want to know where there are salons near your actual Florida location. Some devices provide an exact GPS coordinate for pinpoint accuracy. Others identify your general location from the receivers, routers, and other hardware through which your device is communicating.

Punta Gorda home business bloggers that include specific geo-locations will be more likely to show up in Naples area search results.

Another important reason for Punta Gorda entrepreneurs to get local with their content is to generate a connection with your Punta Gorda and Orlando customers. While it’s always important to talk about the value of your products, you can add blurbs about a popular Naples sports team, current Florida event, or unique local culture. This personalizes your Punta Gorda home business blog posts and boosts your popularity. Most Florida folks love where they live and have a connection to other people in their Naples community. Let your audience know that you are one of them.

Now here’s the trick: make your content relevant to your business objectives. You can’t just mention the local sports team or a current event without tying it to your business in some way. Otherwise, you appear to ramble or pander inexplicably to your online business blog visitors.

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