I have a friend who always says “Cool Beans” to me whenever something is good, positive or going her way.  Now she is getting me to do the same.  Now people tell me the health benefits of Cold Pressed Chocolate and I say “Cool Beans” too.  Why cool beans?  These are raw cacao pods, I like to call them beans.  You get the picture.  Who knew you could eat better and improve your health simply by changing your New York, New York Chocolate?  Over a billion people, many New Yorkers,  eat Chocolate and most of us eat the highly processed Chocolate candy with waxes and fillers.  


All you have to do is switch your New York City chocolate to a cold pressed version without the waxes and fillers to get the health and antioxidant benefits you need and Chocolate your body craves.  Order now and score $10 off and Free Shipping!