Healthy Chocolate Black Friday Deal!

Healthy Chocolate black friday deal is here! As we enjoy our family time this Thanksgiving, thoughts run ahead to the crazy Black Friday atmosphere with lines that stretch around the outside of buildings.

Babcock Ranch chocolate

Babcock Ranch chocolate

What are your plans on Black Friday?  

Will you spend the wee hours of Black Friday waiting in line in Tampa, Orlando or Naples?  I can remember going to Toys-R-Us when the kids were little and waiting in line for hours just to get in at midnight.  Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I am not so anxious to wait in line so long.  Thankful for the internet, we now have so many options.

Give the gift of health

Creating a list and determining what to buy the people we care about can be challenging.  This year, why not give the gift of health.  Well Beyond  Healthy Chocolate is the only “Healthy Chocolate” having received the official trademark in 2012.  They make the only cold pressed chocolate that has not been heated or dutched like traditional chocolate.  This keeps in the antioxidant benefits and gives you a truly healthy chocolate.

Love chocolate?

Everyone I know loves chocolate, why not buy premium yummy cold pressed chocolate?  Even better, this is diabetic and keto diet friendly.  One power square is just 35 calories!  Enjoy the antioxidant value of 8-10 servings of fruits or vegetables  by simply enjoying 3-4 pieces of chocolate a day!

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday deals abound this holiday week.  Don’t miss the deal on Cold Pressed Chocolate.  

Save big with the Black Friday SALE that starts NOW!!  Sale valid from 11.27-12.3  It’s the best sale of the year! Buy 2, Get 1 FREE deal on any of our products. Even the Fearless weight loss packs offer a premium deal! Buy the Fearless pack and get the XeTRM 30 count free! The XeTRM is awesome for curbing your appetite!

Over a billion people eat chocolate and most of us eat the highly processed chocolate candy with waxes and fillers. Start eating the good stuff today.

Why not give the gift of Healthy Chocolate.  In my book, it is the best gift in the world!

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