Atlanta Chocolate Black Friday Deal!

As we enjoy spending time with family this Thanksgiving, we can’t help but things about all the deals we are going to find on Black Friday.  If you enjoy staying up all night and waiting in long lines to get an amazing deal or prefer to shop online, we all are thinking about Christmas and what gifts to buy this holiday season.  What are your plans on Black Friday?  Will you shop in stores or online?

Will you spend the wee hours of Black Friday waiting in line in Atlanta, Macon, Augusta or Savannah?  I can remember going to Toys-R-Us when the kids were very little and waiting in line for hours just to get the best deal on a Little Tikes toy and the lego deal.  Now that I am older and wiser, I question why I was ever willing to wait in line for so long just to get a deal.  I love deals, I guess I am just not willing to wait in line so long.  Thank God for the internet, because it brought us deals right from home.

Creating a list and determining what to buy the people we care about can be challenging.  This year, why not give the gift of health.  Well Beyond (Formerly Xocai) Healthy Chocolate is the only “Healthy Chocolate” having received the official trademark in 2012.  They make the only cold pressed chocolate that has not been heated or dutched like traditional candy chocolate you find in the supermarket or drug store.  This keeps in the antioxidant and cocoa flavonoid benefits and gives you a truly healthy chocolate.

I really don’t know anyone who does not love chocolate.  Now is a great time to buy premium yummy cold pressed chocolate for all of your friends and family.  This chocolate is even diabetic, gluten free, KETO and diet friendly so you can feel comfortable giving this to everyone on your Christmas list.  One power square is just 35 calories, 1 gram sugar and just 1 net carb. This is nothing like the fat and filler laden candy chocolate on the store shelves!  Give your family the gift of health.  Eating just 3-4 pieces a day is the antioxidant value of 8-10 servings of fruits or vegetables.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals abound this Thanksgiving week and you can find a deal on about anything if you look hard enough.  I prefer to buy something that can make a difference.  Buy those you love healthy chocolate and see what increasing antioxidants and cocoa flavonoids does to their health.  Don’t miss the black friday deal on Cold Pressed Chocolate.

Buy now at the best price, much cheaper than Amazon with a buy 2, get 1 free deal! Contact Lynette at [email protected] or 941-676-7300 or visit us online at  Over a billion people eat chocolate and most of us eat the highly processed chocolate candy with waxes and fillers.  Help your friends and family change their chocolate and live in better health.

Give the gift of Healthy Chocolate!