If you are one of the many who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, you may already realize how this chronic disease has affected your quality of life. Wikipedia lists the definition of Fibromyalgia as “A chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas.”  

Having to deal with constant pain, fatigue and tenderness forces many to retire or cut back on their hours at work. Sufferers of fibro and chronic fatigue may find their social calendar less full as well.  Even though they live in Miami near South Beach, they may not be able to enjoy the walk on the beach that they crave due to the constant pain.  It is difficult to know from one day to the next how well you will feel. You may question if you should make reservations or plans when you don’t know if you will be up to it. Many who suffer with this chronic illness find they can easily overdo it and then end up spending days in bed in severe chronic pain.

Many sufferers will be treated in pain clinics or by rheumatologists with a multitude of prescription medications. Some will also try alternative options including improving diet and limiting sugars and artificial sweeteners.  Each person suffering with this debilitating disease needs to find the perfect balance that works for them.

As a fellow fibromyalgia sufferer, after years of no relief I choose the alternative medicine path. I increased my antioxidants and added in a high fiber shake to my diet. Simple changes and exercise can improve the quality of your life.

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