Well Beyond Cacao Based Neurocosmetic Skincare

Beyond Beauty Cream, is the newest Cosmetic Anti-Aging Cream that was formulated by top Bio-Chemists in Switzerland and France.  Beyond Beauty Cream is the  world’s First High-Antioxidant Skin Care Product that includes endorphins that feed from the outside in.    Reversal aging while feeling good.   

Individuals in Bar Harbor and Acadia are thrilled to learn that more XoPhoria products will be available.  They are currently able to enjoy the Beyond healthy chocolates!

Expect to see the following additions to the Beyond Skincare reversal aging line:

  • C Serum
  • Beauty Cream

For information about the Well Beyond neurocosmetic skincare line pre-order, contact Lynette Henk, Beyond Beauty Cream member at 941-676-7300, email her at lynettehenk @ gmail.com or visit her site at TiredOfAging.com