If you live in Saco, you may qualify for a free membership at Saco Sport & Fitness.  You must be on Social Security and have signed up for a Medicare Advantage Plan.  Many of the Advantage plans include the Silver Sneakers benefit.  This benefit offers a free membership at participating health clubs or gyms.  

If you think you qualify, check the list of Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2013.  If your insurance company is listed, then you are eligible.

This list below shows all of the Medicare Advantage plans available in Maine in 2013:

AARP MedicareComplete® by UnitedHealthcare
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Silver Sneakers benefits are available to Saco Medicare Advantage plan participants at this location:

Saco Sport & Fitness

Address: 329 North St.   Saco, ME 04072
Phone: (207) 284-5953

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