Dr. Gordon Benefits Discusses Why You Should Be Eating Healthy Chocolate. Benefits of Dark chocolates for men and women according to Dr. Gordon Pedersen who came up with cure for malariaIf you are located anywhere near Sarasota Florida, now is the time for you to get serious with your plans to start your own home based business.  On Saturday, May 18th, 2013 at 11:30 am, we have the pleasure of learning from one of the best.  Dr. Gordon Pedersen is an international best selling author, formulator of more than 150 nutritional products and host of the radio show “Common Sense Medicine”.  He is an acclaimed scientist and sought after professional speaker and snutritional expert.

Dr. Pedersen will be sharing his knowledge of the health and anti-aging benefits of cold pressed raw chocolate.  He will be discussing the new Beyond Beauty Cream cacao based anti-aging skin care, the first neurocosmetic that helps you feel good while improving your skin, and the benefits of eating raw cold pressed chocolate.  Can you imagine the huge impact this will have on your new XO business team if you get started now?  There are many reasons to own a home based business, extra income, flexibility to work from home and enjoying retirement or the ability to take care of the kids or grandkids on your schedule.  The tax incentives alone are reason enough to give a home based business serious thought as you complete your IRS 1040 return and schedule C.

When starting a business, certain issues come into play.  How long has the company been in business, is the company debt free, are the products better than what you can get in the open market and are they desirable are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself.  It is vital that you consider these things when making a decision on what home based business opportunity is the best option for you in Boca Grande, Bradenton, Siesta Key, Sarasota or North Port.

The fact that a top notch scientist is involved with a healthy chocolate company is a good indication that the products they sell are for real.  In fact, Well Beyond Corporation, the makers of XO Healthy Chocolate have a product line with a patented cold pressed chocolate method which keeps in the antioxidants from the raw cacao, making it the highest antioxidant product available, even higher than the Acai berry it is sweetened with.  It also helps that Well Beyond Chocolate has been in business over 7 years, is debt free and has a product everyone loves, chocolate!  It also does not hurt that they have one of the best compensation plans available for members that I am aware of, plus an ability to earn $1500 your very first week in business if you are willing to work hard and put in the effort.

Getting started with this business is very affordable, with a total cost including product of just $279 to $909 which is fully tax deductible as a business expense.  The event with Dr. Gordon Pedersen requires an advance reservation.  The meeting and meet and greet are free.  An optional lunch at the Der Dutchman Restaurant at 3713 Bahia Vista Street in Sarasota, Florida is a cost of $18.70 which includes the cost of the buffet, tax and gratuity.  So if you are looking to get involved with an amazing company while helping others and yourself improve health and wealth, now is your opportunity.Dr. Gordon Pedersen Shares How to Neutralize Free Radicals by Eating Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolates Can Be Good For You More reasons to eat dark healthy chocolate

Let me help you build your business in the Sarasota, Boca Grande and Siesta Key area.   I am Lynette Henk, Healthy Chocolate member in Punta Gorda.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727, emailed at [email protected], or you can visit LiveForChocolate.com.  I look forward to great success for us all!