Are you ready for a head to toe chocolate makeover?  I bet you want to know what kind of chocolate you can have from head to toe.  I promise you won’t find it in the grocery store!  Well, there is only one chocolate I know of that is good for your entire body and that is Beyond healthy chocolate.  What is healthy chocolate?  Beyond healthy dark chocolate is a patented cold pressed chocolate made by Healthy Chocolate Co. out of Reno, Nevada.

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The Beyond brand cold pressed healthy chocolate is cold pressed.  Unlike traditional chocolate that is cooked and heated “dutched” at high temperatures losing much of the antioxidant value, Beyond chocolate retains the antioxidants and flavonoids found in raw cacao.  This “cold pressed chocolate” is featured in all of our products from our hair care line, anti-aging skin care line and all of our healthy chocolate bars, protein shake, Activ and anti-aging capsules.

To enjoy healthy chocolate from head to toe, order the Beyond wealth pack.  I start with the Beyond Beauty Cream shampoo and conditioner, I then use the Beyond Beauty Cream anti-aging skincare cream.  After that you can start with a swig of Activ, Xovitality anti-aging capsules, a protein shake for breakfast or lunch, Xe energy drink for the afternoon lull and the Beyond chocolates to curb cravings during the day or eat as you choose as a snack.  Right now you can get started with your pack for just $499.95!  This also gives you the cheapest wholesale pricing on future products that you can order monthly.  Included in your monthly auto-order, you receive a free product every third month for the first year!

NOW THAT IS A DEAL!wealthpack1

Each wealth pack includes;


Anti-aging capsules (Xovitality Bottle of heart & brain, energy & immunity & antioxidant power)

Xe Energy Drinks

Beyond Beauty Cream Anti-Aging skin care cream

Beyond Beauty Cream shampoo & conditioner

Beyond best sellers pack of nuggets, power squares, omega and Xobiotic squares

Beyond meal replacement shake


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We are Gold Executives with Beyond healthy chocolate.  Contact us prosperfor details on how you can get started at 941-216-5727, email us at [email protected] or visit our site at