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Parents and Grandparents in the Naples, Englewood, and Boca Grande area who want to encourage their children and grandchildren to be active and healthy have probably considered bike riding. This is a great option for kids, so today in the Punta Gorda Kid’s Health Blog we want to point out some basic principles of bicycle safety.

Don’t compromise on the helmet, parents & grandparents!
No matter how short the excursion is, insist that your child wear a helmet each time they ride their bike. Helmets can be purchased at any bike store and at most big box stores in the Port Charlotte & North Port area.  Check out the new Sports Authority store in North Port or the Target or Walmart in Port Charlotte.   Remember the power of example when it comes to children’s health (this means you need to wear your helmets too, mom, dad, grandma & grandpa!).

Patience is important as your child develops biking skills. Don’t take off the training wheels until the child is ready and hold off on hand brakes until your child is an experienced rider. Remember that kids grow fast. Last year’s bike may now be too small.

Oversized bikes pose a safety risk. Take your child with you to your Naples or Englewood store when you purchase a bike so that you can make sure it is the proper size.

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