New Year Weight Loss Goals

New year weight loss hack! Yes, I found the ultimate hack! Seriously, I have been struggling. My favorite healthy chocolate and protein shake that helped control my blood sugar are not currently available. This has caused some health issues according to my doctor. My primary doctor recommended I eat more like a cave man. My chiropractor recommended a diet more like the old Atkins stricter diet eating just meat, fat, butter, eggs and some foundational vegetables to reset my blood sugar. Yikes!

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Diet Struggle

I decided to try it and really struggled. Basically I starved until I realized I could have the Pink Drink to curb my cravings. That was an absolute game changer! My saving grace! I started having two of these pink drink zero sugar healthy energy drink and life got so much better. 🙂 I did not crave food. I was not overly hungry and I lost 8 pounds that first week. Christmas was coming and New Years so I was more careful but did not follow a strict plan. Now that the holidays are over, I am going to continue to focus on a healthy blood sugar level and hopefully weight loss too! Best New Year weight loss hack! My pink drink diet.

Protein Shake

So the first two weeks I was eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast, not my favorite, but I had no clue what to eat and just could not think of meat in the morning. I definitely missed my protein shake. It always made me feel better when I had my healthy chocolate protein shake, so missing it was a struggle. I am in my late fifties, so I think my body liked that good nutrition and really missed it when it was gone. Adding ceremonial cacao has helped a bit, added it to my vanilla protein and made a shake after the two weeks were over.

Autoimmune Complications

With autoimmune issues, my body did not do well without any cacao. I seriously had my healthy chocolate for over 12 years, so maybe my body was in withdrawal. Ha. Chocolate withdrawal!!!!!!! Currently my protein shake recipe is made with one cup of unsweet vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein, 1 small scoop ceremonial cacao and 7 ice cubes. It makes a good shake. Still missing the original Beyond healthy chocolate shake. SO MUCH! I will let you know when it comes back in stock, I promise. For now, two of the Pink Drink a day helps more than anything!!! My New year weight loss hack works!

Jenna Zwagil & Lynette Henk
Jenna Zwagil founder of Hempworx

Acai, Blueberry & Cocoa??

It is sad when something works so well for you and is gone. Life happens, I get it. I forgot to tell you why the pink drink helped so much. It still has the Beyond proprietary blend of acai, blueberry and cocoa. It is a high antioxidant blend and has lots of healthy energy ingredients also. Zero sugar is a bonus! It is KETO too! All I know is I felt like a human once I had two a day of these. So I am ready to focus on improved blood sugar and will be taking a 3 day class to learn how to eat better for my blood sugar. In the meantime, suggestions are appreciated.


Let me know what has worked for you. Please! If you are struggling with your health goals, definitely check out the XeTRM pink drink. It will work with any diet plan and it seriously makes you feel like you are not hangry! These days I start with one in the morning and one late afternoon or early evening. It works. Definitely do two a day. It makes a difference.

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