Great Tasting Artisan Chocolate In Punta Gorda

Get started today and boost your energy naturally with some XO artisan chocolate.

People around Punta Gorda are finding that it’s not often that they can do something amazing for their health and still eat or drink wonderful healthy chocolate. A lot of companies tout artisan chocolate, but miss the mark on the health benefits that good dark chocolate can deliver.

Did you know that almost 50 percent of the cravings we have are for chocolate? The good news for all of you Punta Gorda residents, is that now you can have your chocolate and get healthy at the same time!

Folks in Punta Gorda are finding that not only can they finally do something to satisfy their cravings for chocolate, but they can also help boost their energy, while giving their body some extra nutrition and antioxidants, too!

Punta Gorda residents never have to feel guilty with XO chocolate, either.

XO chocolate is a natural chocolate. It doesn’t contain any bad fats, dairy, fillers, preservatives, waxes or refined sugars. Amazing!

I love everything XO does for me! I feel energetic and alert without the caffeine jitters. I can choose from a delicious piece of chocolate to satisfy my cravings, or I can drink the yummy Xe Energy drink. I have to say that I love the Natural energy boost I get from an Xe Energy drink, and you will too!

Dr. Steven Warren once said that “Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of healthy, dark chocolate. Of course, it’s crucial that any chocolate be processed properly to maintain its nutrient and antioxidant content. The good news is that XO healthy chocolate products provide just that.” —I couldn’t agree more; XO chocolate is a great way to eat a healthy snack that tastes great and is good for you!

Residents of Punta Gorda, and the greater SW Florida area can take pride in the fact that our packaging is
considered renewable or ‘green’.  We feel a responsibility for our environmental stewardship at XO, and work hard to make sure we do our best to protect our planet.

So SW Florida residents in the 33983 zip code area, give yourself the gift of health; get your choco fix today, in a healthy way!

Give me a call at 941-216-5727 and I can help you get started on your own healthy journey with XO chocolate.