Reasons to eat chocolate every single day

Eat healthy chocolate every single day” might sound like an unrealistic mantra. Actually it could be the very best thing you could do. I don’t know about you but 2020 and the start of 2021 have not been the best years. In fact, they are about the craziest years I have ever experienced. I don’t recall ever living through anything like a pandemic or covid-19. Realizing pretty quickly that now more than ever we really need to take care of ourselves.

Health Benefits of chocolate

I learned more than ten years ago that all chocolate is not the same. Most chocolate is not high antioxidant and does not have the amount of cocoa flavonoids of Beyond healthy chocolate. A perfect example is that one 35 calorie piece of our chocolate is equal in antioxidants to one pound of raw spinach. For real!

Struggling with an autoimmune disease was my life, I was on many prescription medications and I really felt I had no quality of life. I did not have much to lose, so when a friend who owned a health food store mentioned I should look into healthy chocolate, I eventually did. Not only did I find that the Beyond chocolates helped in so many ways, I also found out that a Beyond high antioxidant, cocoa flavonoid rich protein shake really made a difference for me. It has become so important to my life that I will never start my day without it. Cathy Myers, a friends customer recently shared her story on one of our facebook corporate groups. I got her permission to share, She is also taking the same protein shake I take every day. To me, it really proves how important good nutrition is. Google cocoa flavonoids and you can start seeing the many benefits.

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Check out Cathy Myers personal story

Cathy Myers story · “I want to share a testimony. I have six people living in my household. Everyone is in the hospital with covid and pneumonia. I tested negative. The doctors can’t believe my test was negative and had me to take it again. Same results, negative! They said this is miraculous for me at my age especially 60, plus I have high blood pressure and overweight. The Dr. asked me what am I on, any health supplements? I told them about the dark heathy chocolate and gave the the name of the product name and website. This situation is unheard of since it is so contagious. They also want me to be apart of a research. Thank God for the healthy chocolate. I would never be with it. The Doctors will be do their research and follow up with me. A side note, nobody in my household uses the chocolate shakes but me so that speaks volume.”

How I learned the Importance of Good Nutrition

After hearing Cathy’s story, I am more positive than ever of the importance of my mantra, “Eat healthy Chocolate Every Single Day!” My story is not like Cathy’s. My family has been eating Beyond healthy chocolate products for many years. None of us have been sick or had Covid-19, although we know many people that have had the virus. For many years I would get sick so easily. It is part of the autoimmune issues I have. I would avoid taking my kids to the doctor if I could as I would get sick just going there. I would get sick at the grocery store or any of the big box stores. Usually I would get sick if I went on vacation or to Disney World. That is why I was so thrilled to find the Beyond shake. For me, it has helped me keep my immune system strong. Ever since, I have been having the beyond chocolate protein shake for breakfast. I used to make my shake with frozen banana, peanut butter and ice but these days I am a big fan of making my shake with unsweet vanilla almond milk and ice. Has a yummy, creamy, chocolate taste that I crave.

Beyond chocolate shake

I wanted to share with you how important good nutrition, like my Beyond protein shake or healthy chocolate, can really be. Take good care of yourself. Make 2021 your healthiest year ever!

The details

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