cropped-Chocopieces.jpgDark chocolate chips are small pieces of dark chocolate which are commonly sold in the market in the shape of a teardrop with a circular flat bottom. They are available in multiple sizes. They form the main content of chocolate chip cookies. These cookies have multiple flavors and forms but they were available in semisweet chocolate form only in the beginning. Some common varieties of dark chocolate chips cookies are swirled chip cookies, bittersweet cookies and semisweet cookies. The cookies made from dark chocolate are healthy and good if taken in moderate quantities everyday. Dark chocolate is considered to be very rich in antioxidants and if taken care of the calorie count cookies can prove to be a healthy snack. Dark chocolate contains a lot of cocoa solids or chocolate liquor.  The best dark chocolate is not made with chocolate liquor, made by heating or dutching the chocolate at an extremely high temperature.  The best dark chocolate is cold pressed, chocolate not heated or dutched at high temperatures is able to retain the antioxidant value of the raw cacao.

Dark chocolate gifts are ideal  for a gift idea, healthy chocolate is ideal  for people who are very conscious about their health but still would want to eat chocolates because they enjoy eating chocolates. A dark chocolate gift is available in the market in various forms of packaging and in multiple shapes and sizes. We can buy such chocolates in assorted forms also allowing us to pick and choose between all the available options and are reasonably priced also. I prefer the Beyond variety pack that includes a small box of nuggets, power squares, omega squares and the Xobiotic with a probioitc.  It is a great way to try out all the healthy chocolate varieties.  Dark chocolate goodies are available in various forms like toffees, cookies, cakes and truffles in attractive gift baskets or towers and can be chosen according to one’s wish. I often give the gift of a box of Beyond peanut butter cups.  They are healthy and so yummy.  A dark chocolate gift can form a suitable gift for all occasions for all ages. Dark chocolate is available in nut and fruit flavors also in unsweetened, bittersweet or semisweet form according to its ingredients. Dark chocolate gifts are offered by numerous companies in the market and have become quite popular in recent times owing to lesser calorie content and its other health benefits.

I highly recommend the Beyond XO healthy chocolates as they are low xobioticebay3 in calories, diet friendly, diabetic friendly and gluten free.  Dark chocolate squares are a variation in the appearance of chocolate varieties and form, available in the market. They are good for a quick snack.

They are available in the market in low calorie or low fat versions also containing less of fat, protein and sugar. Some dark chocolate squares also contain filling of peppermint or peanut butter to make it more delicious. They are also available as an extra dark chocolate square with 80-85% cacao content. Using dry fruits like almonds and figs makes it all the more healthy and tasty. Cocoa butter is added to make the dark chocolate gift richer, creamy and smooth thereby increasing the calorie count. We can shop for all the above products online after viewing carefully the varieties and products available with a particular company and adding them to our shopping cart.   I especially love the company that offers free shipping.  Here is my recommendation.