Exciting times are here from Solar Town Babcock Ranch in Florida, to Orlando, Florida and across Canada, Japan and Chicago as Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide begins it’s amazing journey.  We give our congratulations to Lynette Henk of Babcock Ranch, FLorida as a Director with Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate.

The Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide brand, headed by a strong management team including CFO Porter Hall and CEO Jeremy Reynolds. Their focus is to share health and wellness with the world. Now more than ever there is a great opportunity for individuals to create their own success through the Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide business opportunity.

Contact Three Sons Marketing LLC today for details on how you can become a member for Well Beyond and quickly grow a successful Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide home business in Babcock Ranch, Orlando, Florida, Orem, Utah or Denver, Colorado.  This is your opportunity.  Call 941-216-5727, email [email protected] or visit LiveForChocolate.com. You can also meet with us at Babcock Ranch in Florida between Sarasota and Fort Myers or at the Punta Gorda Farmers Market every Saturday between 8am-1pm.