I personally love Bill O’Reilly. I always loved his Factor Tip Of The Day!

He always tells it like it is.  You can be for or against the issue but at least you know he is not going to sugar coat the issues.  I was watching his show one night when he mentioned the Xe healthy energy drink.  I about fell out of my chair, I was so excited!  My hubby has enjoyed the Beyond healthy energy drink, Xe energy for years.  It gives him energy, is a healthy alternative compared to other energy drinks and it has a very high ORACfn (antioxidant count) score. I also am a fan of the Xe Lite which tastes amazing, is healthy and has a light refreshing taste and just 80 calories per can. Made with palatinose beet sugar, it is better for me as a type 2 diabetic.

me217Honestly lots of folks found out about the health benefits of the Xe energy drink from Bill O’Reilly and I really appreciate that he was looking out for our health.  Seriously, O’Reilly is on to something.  These Xe drinks are amazing but not everyone is a fan of energy drinks.  For those who don’t prefer an energy drink, I strongly recommend the Beyond high antioxidant healthy chocolate.  The chocolate is healthy because it uses a patented process that does not cook the chocolate like is usually done.  This chocolate is cold pressed.

Order your Xe energy drinks by the case or Beyond healthy chocolates here at ColdPressedChocolate.com.  You can also call us at 941-216-5727.