Healthy Chocolate Product Line

Healthy Chocolate product line offers delicious belgian chocolates. Have you heard of Healthy Chocolate??  Did you know there is a company who owns the trademark rights to the words “healthy Chocolate” in the United States and Japan?  The US Patent and Trademark Office recognizes Well Beyond  (Xoçai) healthy chocolate company brand as the world leader in antioxidant rich healthy chocolate products.  Yes, that is because the Healthy Chocolate Company, Beyond healthy chocolate has the only healthy chocolate on the market.

What’s the difference?

Many don’t even know there is a difference between candy trademarkchocolate and healthy chocolate.  Here is the difference in a nutshell.  One is cooked at very high temperatures for days and one uses a cold pressed patented process.  By not heating the chocolate at high temperatures, Beyond Healthy Chocolate was able to  provide a healthy chocolate as close as you can get to the raw cacao superfood.  This make the Healthy Chocolate the highest antioxidant superfood on the planet. Check out the Healthy Chocolate product line today!

No guilt!

Now you can enjoy decadent, rich Belgian Healthy Chocolate and feel no guilt whatsoever.  In fact it is recommended for body builders, those who want to get healthy and stay healthy and even those who want to lose weight.  Dr. Gordon Pedersen shares why the Gold Beyond Healthy Chocolate Nugget is a great source of antioxidants.  Did you know that antioxidants reduce inflammation?  Inflammation is responsible for over 200 major diseases including cancer and heart problems.

xobioticebay3Make your health top priority!

Now is the time to make your health the priority.  The Healthy Chocolate product line offers an easy way to reach your health goals.  Order yours today at  You can also call us at 941-676-7300.

Get paid to share healthy chocolate!

If you would like to help us get the word out about this healthy chocolate, contact us for business opportunities.  Now is a great time as Well Beyond has merged into the umbrella of brand at MyDailyChoice! It is a great way to earn an income with a home based business.  Perfect for those who crave flexibility and a change from the 8 to 5 routine.

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