xocaicomparisonAccording to CNN, President Barack Obama will share on Monday that he finds the technical problems of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) website unacceptable.  He will outline what the administration plans to do to resolve the situation according to a White House official.  This comes as many individuals have struggled with attempting to access the website, set up an account and obtain insurance quotes and pick a plan.

Thankfully the site has been updated to include a “See Plans And Prices In Your Area” option.  You can now click on see plans now, answer just a few questions and find out what pricing is available for the affordable health insurance plans in your area.  This is a change from the initial roll out which required you set up an account before you could access any information.

The plan you choose will be based in part on your budget and the kind of coverage that youme2 need.  The importance of taking care of your health has never been more important than now.  Depending on which insurance plan you pick, it will be vital to stay healthy and avoid hefty deductibles in 2014.

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