Finally there is a Feel Good Neurocosmetic that not only improves your skin but improves how you feel as well. Even better, this product is not just for women it is made for men as well.

wussificationCan Xophoria™ really help improve mental focus, relieve stress and enhance mood for men and women?
Xophoria™’s active cacao compounds are encapsulated into exclusive lipid structures called “Theospheres™.”

Theospheres™ penetrate the layers of the skin, where they release cacao’s active compounds to bind with skin cell receptor sites.
This triggers the skin cells to release neurotransmitters called endorphins, which are “feel good/pleasure” chemicals also produced in the brain.

Endorphins also travel to other organ systems and can “destress” or relax your skin, muscles and immune system making them ideal for men and women.

Cacao: Nature’s Top Antioxidant Source for Vibrant Skin

Why is cacao so important for skin? It’s nature’s top antioxidant source, containing a wide array of free radical fighting compounds such as flavanols, catechins and polyphenols, that protect the skin’s cells and tissue from damage and inflammation. It also delivers other healthful nutrients that help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. And the best part is that Xophoria is the first and only cacao-based anti-aging skin care available today!2

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