How much Processed sugar is in your soda pop?

I know, soda or pop. Some of us call this sugary drink soda and some of us call it pop. Regardless, this soft drink habit we have is not healthy and certainly not ideal. In my twenties, I lived on Coca Cola. I could have five cans of Coke a day. Looking back, I am shocked I ever did that. Thankfully I stopped drinking it when I was pregnant. I do know that many of us are drinking diet soft drinks to avoid the sugar. I used to think that was a better option until I found out not all artificial sweeteners are good for you either. There are questions about how good artificial sweeteners are. So what is a girl to do when you are bored with your healthy options to drink?

Water gets boring

I personally switched to unsweet iced tea as the pink, white and blue stuff is not so great either. That was hard but I got used to it. Eventually I gave up and started drinking only water. I drink a lot of water. I have a Berkey filter for my water at home and love the taste but even so I get bored. That was why I was looking for something with a little flavor. I tried lots of flavored waters. They were expensive and the hint of fruit flavor was not enough for me. As a diabetic and someone careful about what I eat and drink, I was looking for something that would satisfy my craving for a delicious taste and still be good for me.

how much sugar in your soda pop

Searching for my zero sugar answer

After trying so many different options that did not meet my needs, I was thrilled to find one that did. After learning how much processed sugar is in your soda pop, I knew I needed a better long term solution. The wild berry flavored drink I found tastes delicious. Even better, I noticed feeling more energy after drinking it which is great for me. I always seem to get tired as the day goes on, so this was a good option. The drink I found is called XeTRM. It is a stick pack drink I like to call my skinny stick because it seems to curb my cravings and helps me eat less. It also supports the loss of stubborn belly fat. As a mom of three boys who had 3 C-sections, anything that supports the loss of stubborn belly fat is important to me!

Lynette Henk XeTRM

Zero Sugar Berry Solution

Bottom line is this drink tastes really good. I was tired of drinking plain water all the time and now I can enjoy something that is delicious and good for me.

Key benefits include:

Promotes normal blood sugar levels*

Supports the loss of stubborn belly fat*

Increases physical & mental energy*

Helps support normal gut health*

Now is the time. Use XeTRM to help you lose weight or use it to replace the unhealthy soda, energy drinks or other liquid choices you have regularly. Try it out for yourself and you will see why I am in love with this affordable energy drink stick pack. I also love the laser focus and energy I seem to have after drinking this. Perfect when I am watching the crypto space. When you see Bitcoin and XRP going up like crazy it is hard to sleep! This drink comes in handy for sure!

Help out and order direct. Our website gives you the option to order with a weight loss pack or order ala carte with just the XeTRM. It’s all good. So deliciously good!

Any questions, call Lynette at Three Sons Marketing LLC at (941) 268-1354.

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