We have actually been enjoying the taste as well as health and wellness benefits of Beyond Healthy dark Chocolates for over six  years currently. In that time our preferred Beyond Healthy Chocolates have been the Xo Love Bites and The Xobiotic Squares with Probiotic. As a Healthy Chocolate Curator, I also enjoy and share the Beyond Power Squares because they are just 33 calories each, have a fantastic amount of antioxidants and also cocoa flavanols in each individually covered item and also they taste incredible, similar to Dark Chocolate from Belgium ought to be.  They are highly popular with all my guests at local events.  I constantly appreciate the probiotic chocolates since they are so helpful for you as well as they are perfect for people with tummy problems.  The Xo Love bites have a great taste and also I value the benefits of Maca and L-Arginine in the Love Bites.  So does my hubby!

 I actually was not a follower of the Omega Squares. Ok, I put it out there.  See I tell the truth!! Why was I not a fan of the Beyond Omega Squares? Well, I liked the others better. Pretty simple.  They had an orange flavor.  They have a texture with flaxseeds which is not my favorite.  

I did not realize exactly how beneficial they are.  So what changed my mind?

Well this is the scoop.    Typically when driving, my hubby and also I prefer to drink the Beyond Xe Healthy Power beverages. They taste great as well as  keep us focused and alert and keep up our concentration.  I had been sleeping in the car when my spouse said he was to tired to drive and indicated it was my turn to take the wheel.  I was very weary. I mean worn out like I don’t think I can drive tired. I mean not able to drive at all!!  I was thinking we had no choice but to stop for a few hours to rest. I am believing we are simply going to need to sleep for a few hrs. I don’t see any other way around it and we are out of the Xe Energy drinks!   So I searched with our cooler in the backseat, hoping to find a hidden Xe and all I could find were the Omega chocolates.

So I quickly unwrapped and ate the Beyond Omega Chocolate.  I know they are good for your brain and it is not recommended to eat them late at night because they have a tendency to keep you up at night.  I figured it could not hurt to try it.  I figure what could it harm, I have an Omega Chocolate Square as well as get prepared to inform my hubby I simply am unqualified t driving being this tired.

Just when I think I have no choice but to tell him, I recognize I am getting energized, not so tired and have crazy lazer focus!   Within 5 mins, I am so wide awake it is crazy.  I MEAN WIDE AWAKE! I was shocked!

 All I did was have the Beyond Omega Healthy Chocolate!! Okay, so this is quite cool.

Now each time I get tired in the mid-day, every single time I feel I need to go take a snooze, every single time I feel just a bit lazy like I need a nap, I just instantly have a Beyond Omega Belgian Chocolate Square. And, it continues to help. It aids so much currently my hubby does the same. We purchase a great deal much more Omega Squares.   Thankful that we are Chocolate Curators and have plenty available as now my friends and family and neighbors are asking for them as well.  They really work!

So if you need a lift, if you should improve cognition and memory, if you want to enhance eye wellness, then Omega Squares are an excellent resource.   200 mg of Omega. You could get your Beyond Omega Squares at HealthyChocolateCurator.com to get free shipping.

  When you do, you obtain complimentary free shipping as well as wholesale pricing similar to Beyond Chocolate Curators and Sales Consultants.  Free Shipping! No Coupon Code Required!  AND free item equal to your month-to-month order every third month for the very first year.   🙂

As much as you invest monthly, this is the quantity you could obtain FREE! All you spend for your cost-free item is shipping.  THAT IS A   REALLY GOOD DEAL!   If you spend $ 35 a month, get a $ 35 box of delicious chocolate cost-free, purchase $ 120 in item, get $ 120 complimentary, purchase $ 200 in item, get $ 200 complimentary! (assuming you purchase on a monthly basis for 3 months) 

Don’t hesitate to call us for details at 941-216-5727 or see HEALTHYCHOCOLATECURATOR.COM !.?.!!  We all love chocolate.  Now you can enjoy Premium Belgian Chocolate that is also Healthy!  You currently enjoy delicious chocolate, we all do. All you have to do is CHANGE YOUR CHOCOLATE!  You can do this!  Contact your Healthy Chocolate Curator in Vienna, Louisiana.