Beyond Omega Chocolates Demand Exceeds Expectation In Double Adobe, Arizona!

We have actually been delighting in the preference and health benefits of Beyond Healthy and balanced Chocolates for over 7 years currently. Because of our love of the Beyond cold pressed unheated dark chocolates we have a whole bunch of favorites.  Our current top favorite has been the Xo Love Bites, The Xobiotic Squares with Probiotic and also the Beyond Power Squares. I love  the Belgian Dark Chocolate Power Squares since they are simply 33 calories each, have an impressive amount of antioxidants and also cocoa flavanols in each independently covered piece as well as they taste remarkable, much like Dark Chocolate from Belgium must be.  I always take pleasure in the probiotic delicious chocolates since they are so great for you and they are best for people with belly issues.  The Xo Love bites have a wonderful taste and I value the benefits of Maca and also L-Arginine in the Love Bites.  Yum!

 I truly was not a fan of the Omega Squares because of the Orange Chocolate flavor.  So what changed? Well this is the scoop.  Generally when we are driving for a trip, my hubby as well as I prefer to consume the Beyond Xe Healthy Power drinks. They taste terrific and also keep us focused and very alert which is ideal for a long trip. One day when my hubby claimed it was my turn to take control of the wheel and drive the car for awhile, I was super exhausted. I imply completely and utterly exhausted like I don’t think I could drive at all.  No way! We stopped at a rest stop location on I-75 in Florida.   I figure we have no choice but to stop and rest. What else can we do?   I do not see any possible means to get up enough to drive. As well as, however we ran out the Beyond Xe Energy drinks!?!  What to do!!! So I looked in our cooler in the rear seat, searching for any kind of Beyond Healthy and balanced Chocolates. Then I ran across the Omega Squares.  🙂

I recognize they are excellent for you. Omega 3’s benefit you. Great for cognition. Helpful for Mind Wellness. Excellent for Eye Health. There are lots of studies on the cognitive advantages. I figure exactly what problem could it possibly cause?  I have an Omega Delicious chocolate Square as well as prepare to tell my hubby I just am unqualified to be driving and also we are going to require a 2-3 hr delay so we could rest in the cars and truck. (NOT IDEAL!)  Simply when I am concerned to tell him this, I realize I have crazy energy and also am getting quite alert. Within 5 mins, I am broadcrazy awake.  I AM SHOCKED! I was shocked and I could not believe it. All I did was have the Beyond Omega Healthy Delicious chocolate.  Okay, so this is rather amazing.

Currently each time I get tired in the afternoon, every single time I feel I need to go rest, every time I need to drive, I simply immediately have a Beyond Omega Belgian Chocolate Square. As well as, it proceeds to aid. It aids a lot currently my spouse does the very same. We acquire a lot a lot more Omega Squares.   Simply thought I would certainly share my pointer with everyone! If you require a lift, if you need to improve cognition and also memory, if you want to enhance eye health, after that Omega Squares are an excellent source.   200 mg of Omega.

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As Well As free product equivalent to your regular monthly order every third month for the very first year. Nonetheless a lot you spend monthly, this is the amount you can secure free! All you spend for your complimentary item is delivering. SINCE IS A LARGE AMOUNT! Invest $ 35 a month, obtain a $ 35 box of delicious chocolate cost-free, acquire $ 120 in product, obtain $ 120 cost-free, acquire $ 200 in product, obtain $ 200 totally free!(assuming you get every month for 3 months) 

We hope you are Feeling Free to call us for details at 941-216-5727 or browse through the MYCHOCOLATEVITAMINS.COM website!.?.!! You already love chocolate, all of us do. All you should do is CHANGE YOUR CHOCOLATE!  You could do this!