picfamlittlePretty much everyone knows the statistics on divorce. Back in the 1980′s, all I ever heard was that over 50% of marriages end in divorce.  Divorce statistics are closer to 40% these days according to the CDC’s National Vital Statistics System.  The lower divorce rate is thought to be because of higher education and lower marriage rates.  I have another theory.  Kids that have parents who divorced might be waiting to get married and are more sure of their relationship when they do.  It might even be that they don’t want to make the same mistakes their parents made and that they know how much a divorce impacts children since they were directly affected.

It has become so common to hear of divorce and it seems not everyone considers how it impacts the children.  Contrary to popular belief, dad’s are important to a family.  As a mom of three boys, I can tell you first hand that the relationship my children have with their dad is not something I could ever provide.  I know we try to say that a mom can be both a mom and a dad but that is not realistic.  A mother and a father bring different things to the table.  I grew up raised by my mother and did not develop a meaningful relationship with my dad until I had children of my own.  I had to work through a lot and if it had not been for a patient understanding husband, I would have been a divorce statistic as well.

On Fathers Day I felt it was important to mention just how vital fathers are to a family.  Kids that grow up with both parents have a better chance of doing better in school and going on to college.  You can’t tell your mom everything, sometimes you need to talk to your dad.  Since I have three boys, having their dad around gives them a role model, a blueprint, a guideline to help guide them in the future.  If dad helps out around the house, has no problem with cooking and is always there for his kids, hopefully his kids will grow up with the same beliefs which will help in their marriage and with their children.

I am not saying that a Mom or a Dad can’t raise children on their own, they certainly can and they do it every day.  I am a product of a mom who made her kids the priority and raised my brother and I by herself.  When I was growing up, it was rare to see our dad at all.  We did not have weekly visits or monthly visits.  It is safe to say he was an absent father for the most part, involved in his own life with another woman.  As an adult, I get that people can be unhappy and there may be a need for divorce.  I am just sharing from a kid’s perspective that it does make a difference.  So, if you are a dad out there that is not involved in your kids lives, maybe because you think they would be better off without you, you are wrong.  Take the first step and work on being a part of their lives.  They need you more than you know. 

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