It is interesting to me that delicious chocolate can lower inflammation.




Of course I am referring to “Healthy Chocolate“, an unheated cold pressed chocolate that keeps in the antioxidants and cocoa flavanols from raw cacao which is what chocolate is made from.  It is key to eat Pure Healthy Chocolate.  This is not the chocolate that you find in your local store or even most health food stores.

I am very thankful that I was able to learn about this healthy chocolate over seven years ago.  Eating just thee pieces of healthy chocolate, spaced out morning, mid day and evening can be beneficial.  I have suffered with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over 15 years.  At one point in time, I was on up to 13 prescription medications and still was struggling to have any quality of life at all.  When I found this Beyond Healthy Chocolate, I was able to slowly get off most of my medications.  I don’t know what you pay for your prescription co-pays through my health inurance, but I used to pay over $500 a month just in co-pays.  Thankfully I pay much much less eating Beyond Chocolate products.  Recent research is starting to confirm the benefits I received eating healthy chocolate.  In the article “Fibromyalgia and Chocolate: What New Research Says About Health Benefits”,  says  “Add healthy chocolate to your superfood list.”  The article goes on to share “Why is all of this chocolate news good for those dealing with fibromyalgia? I don’t need to tell you that three hallmark symptoms of fibromyalgia include whole body inflammation, poor digestive health, and cognitive dysfunction. If healthy, dark chocolate can help with all of these symptoms — and more – why not give it a try.  Of course – as with all nutrients – quality matters. Dark, antioxidant-rich, chocolate that is minimally processed is best. Raw and unprocessed is even better.”

My favorite products that have helped me with my symptoms include starting each day with a Beyond Healthy Chocolate Protein shake.  Each serving is over 56,000 ORACfn which is much more than most people will get in a day and maybe even a week.  Mom and Grandma were right when they said you should eat your fruits and vegetables.  Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables but it is difficult to eat enough of them every day.  More and more studies about cocoa flavanols are making the news almost daily.  Cocoa flavanol research is very exciting.

My next favorite product is the Beyond Xobiotic chocolates.  These are creamy and delicious and include a probiotic.  Also made with Well-Beyond Healthy Chocolate.  Try them out today at just 30-35 calories each piece! .  Get your chocolate craving and get the benefits of antioxidants and cocoa flavanols.

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Fibromyalgia and Chocolate: What New Research Says About Health Benefits;