There are so many reasons to eat Dark Healthy Chocolate.



First off Healthy Chocolate tastes amazing.  Secondly this unheated chocolate is full of cocoa flavanols and antioxidants that are important for health.  It would be near impossible to eat the quantity of Cocoa Flavanols and Antioxidants found in just 3 small Power Squares.  It is amazes me that these Beyond Healthy Chocolate Power Squares are just 33 calories each, taste fantastic and pack a powerful antioxidant and flavonoid punch.

The video below was live at a recent Beyond Healthy Chocolate Company regional event in Colorado Springs, Colorado this past May 2017.  Hear firsthand the benefits experienced after eating this healthy chocolate.  I am not a doctor, I don’t even play one on tv however the personal benefits to my health and to my families health have convinced me to eat Beyond Beyond Healthy Chocolates for the last 7 years.  There is no way on this planet that I would ever skip these healthy chocolate products.  The candy bars in the stores or even the raw vegan 70% chocolate bars in the health food stores just don’t cut it.  This Beyond chocolate uses a patented method that does not heat the chocolate, keeping in the antioxidants and flavanols from the raw cacao from which chocolate is made.

See for yourself what it is like to eat Pure Healthy Chocolate.  There is no substitute.  Listen in and then order for yourself today!


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