Healthy Options To Reverse Diabetes

Because of my Type 2 Diabetes secret, I am just so thrilled that I don’t have to take Invokana, Metformin or any of the myriad of Diabetes medications on the market to control my Type 2 Diabetes anymore. Maybe you have tried Glucophage XR or Avandia. Perhaps you are now taking Insulin. Don’t give up hope. There are natural ways to reverse diabetes. I will tell you what is working for me. There are many new prescription drugs on the market and most have had serious side effects for me.

Weight Loss Struggles

For years I have struggled with losing weigxobioticht, not realizing it had something to do with my blood sugar. I would diet and exercise and not get the same results as my friends and even my husband when we would diet and exercise together.  Talk about discouraging!  Even when I worked out at the Health Club, I never lost weight. My primary care doctor at the time questioned it, always thinking it was my thyroid. I also lost over 50 pounds each time I was pregnant and quickly gained it back once I delivered.

Blood Sugar issues?

The answer, the Type 2 Diabetes Secret. I even think this may have had something to do with blood sugar. I have been tested for my thyroid repeatedly. Whenever I would go to the primary care doc for my annual physical, she would order blood work. For some reason they never had me do fasting blood work after my cholesterol was always good in previous years. Anyway, my glucose was always fine. When I insisted that I might be controlling it during the day with the healthy chocolate I was eating, the doctor said I did not have anything to worry about.  I honestly don’t think she understood that the chocolate I was eating was lowering my blood sugar.

No Orange Juice For Me

Well, things changed when I switched to a new primary care doctor this year. For some reason I decided to have a glass of orange juice every day. (What was I thinking?) I had been doing it for months and then went to the new doctor for blood work. Well guess what, next thing you know my A1C is at 7 and I am officially diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Well I immediately stopped the orange juice. I started taking metformin and checking my blood sugar 5-6 times a day and quickly realized my blood sugar was higher when taking it. For those who have done 23andme you might find this interesting. I used a company called to read my raw file from 23andme. It actually said I was not a good candidate for Metformin and should not take it. In fact, lots of Europeans are not. Interesting. So I went on to try other Diabetes medications with horrible and serious side effects. So instead I decided to try 500 mg of Berberine 3 times a day with meals and of course my Beyond Beyond Healthy Chocolates.


Exercise and Healthy Eating

So this is what I am doing. It is not rocket science. But it is hard work. Oh and I forgot to tell you the best part. I am losing weight. Finally! Clothes are getting too big. And all I am doing is eating Healthy Chocolate, checking my blood sugar, taking my berberine and eating my normal meals. (I have been drinking lots of water and cut out soda and processed foods years ago)

Can I promise you if you eat Beyond Beyond Healthy Chocolate and Berberine and exercise that you won’t have diabetes anymore? No, I can’t do that. What I can tell you is that it is making a difference for me. As far as Healthy Chocolate, you can order it here and eat it at will. I find spacing it out is helpful for me. Don’t have this chocolate if you are going in shock though because this has no processed sugars, no waxes, fillers or crap that you find in candy. This is the chocolate you can eat whenever you want!

I wish you well. Be sure to check with your doctor about changing any medications and Ime21 certainly would not stop current Diabetes medications without checking with your doctor. I asked my doctor if I could start the Berberine and showed her the Beyond Protein shake and she was on board with this. Berberine can interact with some medication so make sure you confirm it is safe for you.

If you are not sure which chocolates to order, my faves are the Xobiotic Square just 30 calories each or the Beyond Power Square that is 35 calories.

Any questions, just contact Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941-268-1354 or We are here to help!