Probiotics are commonly given with antibiotics at teaching hospitals because it it is known that the antibiotic you take will destroy the good gut bacteria that you need as well as the bad you need to get rid of. When you go to the doctor or your local hospital that is not a teaching hospital, they may not automatically tell you to take a probiotic, but it is vital that you do so. Unfortunately many probiotics you buy at the store, can’t reach where they need to go in your gut. That is where chocolate comes in. It coats the probiotic, allowing it to get where it needs to in your body where it can do the most good. In fact, chocolate is an ideal carrier for probiotics.

Why You Need Probiotics

“What are probiotics?
Probiotics are “live” bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in the intestines. The normal human digestive tract contains about 400 types of probiotics bacteria that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. The largest group of probiotics bacteria in the intestine is lactic acid bacteria, of which Lactobacillus acidophilus, found in yogurt, is the best known. Yeast is also a probiotic substance. Probiotics are also available as dietary supplements.

What are probiotics used for?
In most circumstances, people use probiotics to prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics. Antibiotics kill “good” (beneficial) bacteria along with the bacteria that cause illness. A decrease in beneficial bacteria may lead to diarrhea. Taking probiotics supplements (as capsules, powder, or liquid extract) may help replace the lost beneficial bacteria and thus help prevent diarrhea.

A decrease in beneficial bacteria may also lead to development of other infections, such as vaginal yeast and urinary tract infections, and symptoms such as diarrhea from intestinal illnesses.

Probiotics are sometimes recommended by doctors, and, more frequently, by nutritionists, after a course of antibiotics, or as part of the treatment for gut related candidiasis (yeast infections). New research is establishing how important the supplementation of probiotics can be for a variety of conditions. Probiotics strengthen the immune system to combat allergies, excessive alcohol intake, stress, exposure to toxic substances, and other diseases. “


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