Healthy Punta Gorda Kids Are Well Rested

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential to the health of Punta Gorda kids. During sleep, muscles, skin, and bones actually grow and repair themselves. The immune system is recharged during sleep, so this is especially important during the SW Florida cold and flu season. Because the brain processes the stimulus and information it received during the previous day, sleep is crucial for healthy brain development.

Parents in the Venice, Punta Gorda, and Port Charlotte areas should do everything they can to make bedtime work for their family. One of the most important things is for SW Florida parents to model healthy sleep behavior for their children.

If you want your child to follow a consistent bedtime schedule, you’ll need to follow one yourself.

It’s also important to check out your child’s sleep environment in your SW Florida home. What is the temperature and noise level of the room? White noise might help your child sleep better. Fans or humidifiers that can be purchased at any Port Charlotte Wal-Mart, Punta Gorda drug store, or Venice Target store are inexpensive and do the job well.

Give your child a screen-free room in which to fall asleep. This means no TVs, computers, iPods, or cell phones. In fact, turning off all screens an hour or two before bedtime will help the whole family fall asleep on time.

Make sure you include the children in planning a bedtime routine and then stick to it. If they have trouble saying goodbye after you’ve tucked them in, try giving them a special security object like a blanket or stuffed animal to fall asleep with.

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