Palatinose ™, found in Xe Lite healthy energy drink is a natural and slow digesting sugar that was scientifically proven to increase performance in May 2018 German research. The time trail times improved and overall 90 minute training ride times improved by those consuming palatinose.

A scientific study by Professor Daniel König1 and his team at the Department of Sports and Sport Sciences of the University of Freiburg, Germany, has shown that with a pre-load of Palatinose™ endurance athletes “maintained a more stable blood glucose profile and higher fat oxidation, which resulted in improved cycling performance compared with maltodextrin”.

“Palatinose™ ingestion also resulted in a more stable blood glucose profile with lower blood glucose increases shortly after consumption and a sustained blood glucose response during the subsequent endurance exercise protocol”. This is very good news for those of us with Type 2 Diabetes as Palatinose ™. More Type 2 Diabetes research on this beet sugar is available.


If you are looking for improved cycling performance, improve your workout at your local gym or simply want to multiply your energy level to get through the day, this may be the energy drink for you. At just 80 calories and a delicious, refreshing taste, you don’t want to miss it. “Thus, Palatinose possesses a favorable profile for diabetes nutrition by lowering postprandial endogenous GIP levels, increasing GLP-1 concentrations, and saving insulin secretion, which ultimately results in better management of blood glucose in T2D”

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Diabetes Care 2016 Mar; 39(3): e38-e39.