Atlantis residents who currently receive Medicare may be eligible for a free health club or gym membership at the Youfit Lantana location.  Depending which Medicare plan you have, traditional Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, will determine if you qualify. 

If you signed up for a Medicare Advantage Plan in 2013, check the list below to see if your Florida Insurance Carrier is included in this free offer.

Verify your Florida Medicare Advantage Plan is listed below to confirm you qualify:

If your Atlantis Florida healthcare plan is included, you are eligible! Atlantis Florida seniors who meet the qualifications are eligible to join this Atlantis Youfit Lantana club:

Youfit Lantana

Address: 5857 S. Congress Ave.   Atlantis, FL 33462
Phone: (561) 357-5700

Lynette Henk is a Healthy Chocolate member.  She can be reached at 941-216-5727, emailed at [email protected] or her site