Soon to be released in 2019 is the Beyond beauty cream and C Serum, The Healthy Chocolate. This is the newest Miami Cosmetic Anti-Aging Cream formulated by top Bio-Chemists in Switzerland and France.  Beyond has created the world’s FIRST High-Antioxidant Skin Care Product which has endorphins that feed from the outside in. Beyond healthy chocolate is again the category creator.  

Beyond beauty cream is Reversal aging while feeling good.

· Works at the cellular level
· Stimulates and enhances mood
· Non-fragrant & hypo-allergenic
· Use Morning and Night

By eating a Well Beyond healthy dark chocolate with the skin care you can maximize the effects!

Not only is this is an amazing breakthrough, this is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to get in on the ground floor of this amazing anti-aging line business. Well Beyond Corporation, the makers of beyond XO Healthy Chocolate, Remity Nutraceuticals, Healthy Energy drinks & anti-aging products have a limited opportunity for individuals to get involved with the business.

Right now we have our highest starting level Professional opportunities available which include everything you need to get started as well as all the products in our pro pack 1200.  Are you ready for the ride of your life? Join us now while this income producing home based opportunity is still available.

If you are looking for the right income opportunity, where you can make a difference and earn significant income from home, you owe it to yourself to hurry and get involved in this. Limited key positions are filing up quickly due to the anticipated demand for the Beyond Beauty Cream and Anti-Aging line prelaunch in Japan. You do not want to miss out on this.

Lynette Henk is a Chocolate Entrepreneur. She can be reached directly at 941-268-1354, at lynettehenk @ or at her website She is looking for a few more key people to grow her business. Join her now at our 1 year Annual Las Vegas event in March 2019!