Curcumin patented curcuminoid with Healthy Chocolate is what I have been taking for the last month. I have not taken curcumin supplements that you can find in your health food store or grocery in the past. Hearing about this new patented BioBDMC™ Beyond curcumin was encouraging, as it is supposed to be 30 times as strong as a traditional curcumin supplement. I checked out the peer reviewed research and it caught my attention big time.

Why Curcumin?

My husband, adult son and I started taking Curcumitol-Q twice a day over the last month.. I can tell if I forget to take it. It seems to help me feel better when I take it. I have a chronic autoimmune health condition and this has made a difference for me. This is something I will not go without. I wanted to share so you can try it too. Check out the video below on the benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin.

Details about Beyond Protect from the Beyond press release:

“Bumping the BDMC-curcumin levels from its regular 1% to 5% has noticeable effects. Now, over the last 10 years of optimizing the extraction process, it has been elevated all the way to 30%. That’s the BioBDMCTM patented curcumin available in Beyond’s Protect.

BioBDMCTM neutralizes two proteins (as opposed to the singular protein that regular curcumin neutralizes), which helps deliver anti-inflammatory benefits in hours instead of days by preventing the inflammatory response from even being triggered in the first place. It also works for more difficult cases beyond regular inflammation such as systemic auto-immune disorders.”

BioBDMC™ Patented Curcumin

“This breakthrough Curcuminoid technology protects your body with BioBDMC™ patented Curcumin. It helps your body recover from day-to-day activities that cause soreness in joints and muscles. It also supplies you with antioxidants to support proper immune function and supports brain, cardiovascular, and digestive health.”

Key Benefits

  • Supports proper immune function
  • Helps to maintain joint health
  • Promotes brain, cardiovascular + digestive health

Curcumin patented curcuminoid with healthy chocolate has been wonderful for me. Order yours today! Visit us at or call us at 941.676.7300.

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