Looking for an excuse to eat this sweet treat?

Reasons to eat chocolate, There really are so many reasons to eat chocolate. It tastes delicious. It makes us feel good. So many of us crave chocolate, me included. But, did you know that chocolate is actually good food and can make you feel good too? If you eat the right kind of chocolate, you will find it is full of antioxidants, cocoa flavonoids and polyphenols. Skip the candy and go right to the healthy chocolate.

Health Benefits Of Chocolate

To put it in perspective, one piece of the right kind of healthy chocolate is equal in antioxidants to over a pound of raw spinach. So basically, you can get the benefits of spinach in a decadent piece of dark chocolate. Now that is something that makes me want to indulge. How about you? You can tell your chocolate is healthy when it tells you the antioxidant and cocoa flavonoid content on the piece or package.

Healthy Chocolate Florida
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Benefits in One Xobiotic Square

One piece of my favorite Beyond Xobiotic Square has a total ORAC6 score of 40,446 and flavonoids of 576 mg per piece. This is letting you know how many antioxidants are in just one piece of chocolate. One piece is just 35 calories, 1 gram of sugar, 1 net carb and KETO. Which would you rather eat? One pound of spinach or a piece of Beyond healthy chocolate? Hard to believe something so good for you could taste this amazing.

The Love Food

Did you know that dark chocolate contains a feel good chemical called PEA that is released in the brain? PEA is known as Phenylethylamine, which is the same chemical that is released by your brain when you fall in love. No wonder chocolate is often called the “Love Drug”, now it all makes sense. There are so many Reasons to eat chocolate.

Probably the most influential love compound in chocolate is PEA, phenethylamine. This chemical, which occurs in chocolate in small quantities, stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of pleasurable opium-like compounds known as endorphins. PEA also potentiates the activity of dopamine, a neurochemical directly associated with sexual arousal and pleasure. PEA acts as a potent antidepressant in both sexes and rises during periods of romance. 

Chocolate: THe Love Drug, Medicine Hunter; https://www.medicinehunter.com/chocolate_love_drug


The best way to eat Beyond chocolates is to enjoy 3-4 pieces a day spaced out from morning to evening. This will give you the best value. If you are looking to lose weight, this diet hack will help. Eat a piece of healthy chocolate up to 30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water. This will curb your cravings and you will find you eat less. Keep track of how you were feeling before you started eating cacao. Many notice a difference. See how you feel after 30 days. I took the healthy chocolate challenge for 30 days. I wrote down my aches and pains and paid attention. It has been over 12 years and I am still eating this chocolate. Our entire family noticed a difference. There are so many Reasons to eat chocolate. Best to start now. 🙂

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