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Superfood Breakfast Options

Superfood healthy chocolate protein breakfast options matter. The most important thing you can do at the start of your day, is to eat a healthy breakfast. There are many breakfast recipes that are healthy but they take time. Most of us don’t have a lot of time first thing in the morning. Just getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school and making it out the door can be a handful. Maybe you are lucky enough to work at home, but you may not have the time to grab more than a cup of coffee or tea. Busy morning means you may grab a less than healthy meal or you skip breakfast all together.

Affordably Fast

Grocery shopping these days can be a challenge as prices seem to go up every time I head out for groceries. Stocking up on healthy chocolate protein sets you up for a month with just one affordable bag of healthy protein. Superfood healthy chocolate protein breakfast recipes are easy.

Protein Shake Recipe

All you need is 1 cup of your favorite plant milk, 7-8 ice cubes, 1-2 scoops of the Beyond Wellness Chocolate Shake and a scoop of the Greens Superfood. Simply pour in the blender, mix it up and enjoy. You end up with a high antioxidant, flavonoid rich Superfood Smoothie that actually tastes really good! There are so many good recipes. You can add your favorite fruits, frozen banana or whatever you prefer. Super easy and quick! You can even leave the house and drink your shake on the way out the door.

Beyond Wellness Healthy Chocolate Protein Shake Xocai

Healthy Living

Health foods are more important than ever these days. We want to make good choices for healthy living. This is one easy way to eat healthy and bone strengthening foods. Eating healthy is easier than you thought. Superfood healthy chocolate protein Breakfast shakes are easy to make. Simply order the affordable Beyond Shake and Body Melt Greens Superfood bundle to get started on your healthier breakfast journey.

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