Searching for The Solution For The Afternoon Slump

The power of the pink drink is something I won’t soon forget. You see I was shopping at Costco Wholesale, one of my favorite stores, and they were offering samples of some products. They offered samples of the Aspire zero sugar energy drink so I tried it. In the store I swear it tasted really good. So I convinced my hubby we should buy a case. Over the next few days I started drinking it and just could not stand to finish more than a few sips. The aftertaste was really nasty. I was shocked. And, I did not feel like it was really helping me. It had a good amount of caffeine but it was nothing like the zero sugar drink I have been drinking the last few years.

What Was I Thinking?

I forgot how much better I felt when I had my XeTRM pink drink which was also zero sugar. Kind of regretting the Costco purchase. See, Costco really does not have everything, even though it is one of my favorite stores.

The Afternoon Slump

The afternoon slump is part of your circadian rhythm, which is your internal body clock. Everyone is different, but basically we all have an energy peak in the morning and evening but in the afternoon we get that afternoon slump. Coffee does not have to be your afternoon go to. Every morning I start with the XeTRM what I call the pink drink. It not only helps me with energy, It is actually a good source of antioxidants, helps with gut health and gives me that push I need to get through the day with no crash and burn. I actually feel good.

New Plan

Problem is I have my pink drink in the morning, but for some reason I forget to have another in the afternoon most days. Now after my little Costco fail, I am going to make sure I have that Pink drink in the afternoon too. The power of the pink every afternoon! There are two flavors but I am a big fan of the Wild berry. The crisp apple is popular as well. I also like the proprietary blend of acai, blueberry and cocoa as well as the Real Salt blend from Utah. For those who loved healthy chocolate, this is the Beyond healthy chocolate proprietary blend!! All together it just works. So well!

Water Water Water

I gave up soda years ago and I don’t drink juice as it raises my blood sugar. That leaves me with water, water and more water. I am a big fan of water and you will often see me carrying a water bottle. Sometimes I just crave something different which is how I started drink the Xe Trim drink, that and I heard it curbs cravings and is great at helping you lose the weight. I even call it the Pink Drink Diet. If I can remember to have 2 of these a day, I am sure it will help me even more.

Have you tried the KETO Pink Drink? This XeTRM tastes delicious and is a great way to start your day.


When I mentioned shopping at Costco, you probably figured I am looking for the deals. Well, you would be right but you might be surprised to know that the Pink Drink is actually more affordable than the zero sugar energy drink at Costco with the after taste. I like Costco for butter, eggs and meat but I think I will stick with my affordable healthy energy drink that helps with my gut health. Definitely try it out. You get 30 servings at a great price. I usually buy the value pack because it saves even more. If you want to get the best deal, check out the brand bucks. Either way it is more affordable than most of the energy drinks at Costco and definitely cheaper than stopping for a Starbucks coffee or an energy drink at your local gas station.


Definitely check out the XeTRM in either crisp apple or the wild berry flavor. You deserve the Power of the pink. Visit my website at or call me, Lynette Henk, of Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941-268-1354. We also have a way for you to get paid to share your online website and share this product along with a whole website of great products. If you are looking for extra income, or a side gig, click here for details. For those in Florida or near Miami Beach, be sure to reach out as our annual event is coming up soon and it’s going to be a very big deal.

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