New NFT direct to consumer Wine Club! David Harmon, the founder of is coming out of retirement! This is your chance to get a piece of history.

The wine in your NFT bottle is a very exclusive Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Fine Wines from Napa direct to the consumer. There are 3600 vines which is why we have a limited 3600 membership.

Clippings from your actual vine with your box is a collectors dream.

This is your chance to get a piece of history!

Exclusive NFT Wine Club

Savor the fusion of fine wine and NFTs with the NFT Wine Club. This exclusive membership lets you own a piece of Napa Valley’s vineyard through a digital NFT connection, adding a unique digital dimension to your wine collection.

Join a vibrant community of tech and wine enthusiasts. Access members-only luxury events and an annual retreat that promises unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy exclusive NFT access and be part of history at the world’s first metaverse wine bar, where fine wine and digital artistry combine.

It’s time to experience the artistry of wine collecting like never before. Join NFT Wine Club and raise your glass to the future of wine, where tradition and technology blend seamlessly.

Crush It Event!

Crush it at the annual event in September. . Replicated the vineyard in Napa Valley into the metaverse. You can take a tour of the vineyard digitally. Founder members have access to exclusive Cabernet hand etched digital NFT sandblasted on bottle. Scan the QR code and it opens up on google earth directly to the vineyard!

Limited Members

Limited wine and limited members to 3600. Wine with the blockchain and Web Three. New NFT direct to consumer wine club.

We have it all, collectability and investability.

Bottle and box handmade. Clippings from your vine included with your box.

Join this exclusive club as a founder member and get the very best price here. Questions? Reach out to Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC or text 941.268.1354.

NFT Wine Club from MyDailyChoice on Vimeo.

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