The Right Bedtime Snack Can Help Punta Gorda Kids Fall Asleep

Port Charlotte parents know that sleep is important for their child’s health. If your Punta Gorda child has a hard time falling asleep, you may want to try a bedtime snack. Well-chosen evening snacks can help ease the transition to sleep.

Eating too much before bedtime is never a good idea for anyone, but a small snack may be just the ticket to dreamland for little ones in Port Charlotte. Foods containing the amino acid tryptophan are a natural sleep aid, especially if they are coupled with carbohydrates, which help make tryptophan more available to the brain.

Bedtime foods you can purchase at your local Punta Gorda grocer include soy milk, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes, such as lentils or chick peas. These foods coupled with a healthy carbohydrate make the perfect bedtime snack. Your Punta Gorda kiddos will be visiting the sandman before you know it.

Try a glass of soy milk with a few whole grain crackers or string cheese and apple slices. Low-fat cottage cheese with pineapple helps my munchkins fall asleep.

I am a local High-Antioxidant Protein Meal Replacement representative and a children’s health advocate. If you live in SW Florida, Port Charlotte, or Punta Gorda and would like to learn more about children’s health contact me today!

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