What is the Real Obesity Cause?

The real obesity cause is the question of the day. As a heavy girl, I have heard it all. All you have to do is eat less and exercise and you will be thin. If you would stop eating that chocolate, you would lose tons of weight. You just need to stop eating bread. If you would do the KETO diet you would be thin. There is so much more to obesity than meets the eye. Hormones also can play a part. I have been heavy as long as I can remember. As a person with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), I learned the hard way that weight loss does not come easily.

Be Fearless And Lose The Weight

I can’t even count all the diets I have been on over the years. I have religiously followed diets with friends and watched them lose weight and not me. I have seen my husband lose weight easily while I struggled. I increased my exercise hoping it would help, but no. According to Dr. Mike Kennedy. “Obesity is an inflammatory disease”. It’s NOT your fault!

Inflammatory Disease?

So, what does inflammatory disease mean and how can we lose the weight once and for all? Listen to Dr. Mike Kennedy as he shares the answer. There is so much more to losing weight than just having willpower.

The Real Obesity Cause Diet is here

If you are ready to lose the weight with a focus on the real cause, inflammation, then you are well on your way to diet success. Join me January 2nd, 2021 and let’s start losing the weight! The fact that this diet is proven is huge! Being featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine is no small feat. The average person lost 31 pounds in just 12 weeks following the chocolate diet protocol! We got this!

How To Get Started

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds or 30 pounds plus, we have the answer for you. Momentum, Rise or Infinite. Pick your affordable chocolate weight loss pack and let’s get started.

Simply choose the amount of weight you want to lose and pick the pack that makes sense for you. I have more than 30 pounds to lose so I have ordered the Momentum pack. I get 2 chocolate shakes a day, Beyond Xobiotic chocolate squares and XeTRM energy drink that curbs your appetite and helps to burn that stubborn belly fat.

Get Rid Of That Covid Weight Gain For Good!

This year has just been crazy insane. Most of us have gained extra weight because of Covid and the pandemic. Now is the time to focus on the new year, our health and wellness. Let’s do it right!

Contact Lynette of Three Sons Marketing LLC at (941) 676-7300 or visit our website HealthyChocolateFix.com to get started. This program will help to keep you accountable with the excellent resources making it easier to lose the weight for good. Having an online tribe to support you and help you along is so important. You are not alone in this weight loss journey. Hurry and order your pack!