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If you have never visited Boca Grande you are really missing out on a treat.  Boca Grande, Florida is located on Gasparilla Island 20 miles southwest of Punta Gorda.  It is a hidden gem with turn of the century homes and an old world Florida feel.  No trip to Boca Grande is complete without a walk downtown to enjoy the many quaint shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants and the beach.  One of my favorite stores is Fugate’s.  According to their twitter page, @fugatesbg “An island tradition since 1916, you’ll find everything from high end clothing and accessories to Boca Grande souvenirs, and almost everything in between.”

The Gasparilla Inn was completed in 1911 under the name Hotel Boca Grande and is a perfect place to visit or enjoy a meal.  Churches on the Island include the The First Baptist Church established in 1911, The Lighthouse United Methodist Church established in 1910 and St. Andrews Episcopal Church established in 1908 making it the oldest congregation on the island.

There are many quaint restaurants including Sisters Restaurant, Loose Caboose, The Gasparilla Inn, The Pink Elephant (often called “The Pink”) and the Inn Bakery.  I have been told that Sisters restaurant is a great place to enjoy the sunset while having a delicious pizza on the deck.  When traveling to Boca Grande, be sure you have filled your tank since there is no gas station on the island.  Be advised there is a $6 toll to cross the Boca Grande Causeway.

The median sales price of homes on the island was $699,100 as of 3/13/2013.  The current home value index according to is  $1,176,200.  Popular with the rich and the famous because of the ability to turn invisible and blend in, often driving golf carts around the island, just like the locals instead of driving their cars.Dr. Gordon Pedersen Shares How to Neutralize Free Radicals by Eating Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolates Can Be Good For You More reasons to eat dark healthy chocolate

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