Choose Healthy Kids Snacks In Punta Gorda My name is Lynette Henk and I am a children’s health advocate in Punta Gorda, Florida. Most Florida parents notice behavioral effects similar to ADHD when they feed their kids highly processed foods full of sugar and additives.

Naples elementary teachers advise sending fruit, vegetables, and protein in children’s lunches and leaving processed, sugary snacks at home. They notice that Punta Gorda children who eat healthy learn and behave better.  If your child is experiencing difficulty at school, consider adding high antioxidant treats like healthy chocolate.

When shopping at your Naples grocery store you may want to start reading labels on snacks more carefully. A recent study conducted by Britain’s Food Standards Agency (their version of the FDA) found that seven dyes could affect children’s intelligence by up to five IQ points! When reading Florida food labels check for Yellow #5, Yellow #6, and Red #40. In fact, Red #40 is banned in several European countries.

Red #40 is banned in several European countries.

You will find that most kids love dried apricots, raisins, sliced apples with sunflower seed butter, and snap peas. If you would like more information on improving your Punta Gorda child’s health and nutrition through healthy snacking please contact me today! – Lynette

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