Does Your Florida Family Have An Emergency Kit?

Smart residents prepare for emergencies, and parents of young children in the Naples area should be aware of the special nature of preparing their families for emergencies.

Since the health and safety of all family members is important, everyone’s needs should be taken into account when preparing emergency provisions.

A 72-hour emergency kit should be easy to grab and contain essentials like water, food, first aid kit, flashlight, prescription medications, etc. Punta Gorda families should consider what each child eats. Formula and bottles should be included if you have infants, and soft baby food (and a spoon!) for toddlers. Don’t forget diapers and baby wipes: you can find convenient travel sizes of these at Orlando, Tampa, and Sarasota area drugstores.

Since healthy kids grow and change so quickly, Punta Gorda families should update these emergency kits at least twice a year.
A good reminder is daylight savings time. When Naples families change their clocks, they should change the food and supplies in their kits.

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