healthyHow to eat healthy

I learned easy ways how to eat healthy, but it took some time. When I was much younger and not very wise, I fed my three children processed foods.  I dare say I even fed them McDonald’s Happy Meals not realizing the risks involved with fast food.  As my family encountered more and more health issues, it quickly became apparent that eating right does make a difference.  What we feed our families should be one of our top concerns.

With the current economic climate, the government partial shutdown and the fear of hitting the debt ceiling, eating healthy foods may not be on the top of your list today, but it should be.  Focusing on things we can’t personally control is not going to help much.  Sure, we can contact senators and congressman and let them know our views, but when it comes down to it, we can’t personally vote to expand Obamacare or fix the website.  These issues are out of our direct control. Instead of worrying about these issues, think about things that can make a positive difference to your life, like eating right and feeding your family good healthy foods.

Perhaps you will want to start your own garden and have fresh fruits and vegetables, maybe you will start shopping at your local farmers market or perhaps simply adding more fruits and vegetables from your local grocery store is the plan.  There are so many ways to eat healthy. Whatever you choose to do to feed your family healthy food options is a start in the right direction.

I prefer to plan my meals out ahead and freeze them. This allows me to create healthy meal options for my family without having to spend hours in the kitchen.  In fact, many of my recipes can simply simmer in a crock pot all day until ready to eat.  That is actually faster, easier, more cost effective and healthier than a frozen meal you pick up at your local Walmart or Publix grocery store.  Visit my mommyblogger site for information on how you can start making healthy meals as well.

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