CRUISEWell BeyondHospice.  Just the word alone makes me sad.  It makes me sad because I know what it means.  I will be 49 in May and unfortunately many of my friends have struggled with the death of  a loved one and the need for hospice. Even my brother passed away at age 42.  For those that are not aware, hospice is the humane, peaceful way of handling the death of a loved one when all medical intervention has not been able to save a person.

The first time I visited a friend whose spouse was dying of cancer, I was shocked by hospice.  You have to understand that in my heart, I believe that people can recover and I am not one to give up.  Not giving up is probably one of the reasons my youngest survived a harrowing ordeal as a baby.  I am one of those half glass full kind of people that believes the best, that people can get better.  I especially have a hard time when a person was fine and then gets an infection and does not recover resulting in death.

In a perfect world, I would make sure that everyone was eating healthy and eating foods that strengthen their immune system so when illness does knock on your door, your body has the strength to fight whatever it is.  That is one of the things that my family chooses to do.  We supplement with XO XO healthy chocolate.  It is a high antioxidant superfood and tastes great as well. I used to have a weak immune system but no longer.  I have strengthened mine with a XO chocolate protein shake and the healthy chocolates made of cold pressed chocolate, not the candy chocolate that has been heated or dutched.

Whatever you choose to do, please find a way to strengthen your immune system.  I spinachdon’twant your family to need hospice either.  I am thankful for those that work in hospice, the nurses, the support staff etc. as they provide a vital service.  I would just like to avoid the need for hospice altogether.  In a perfect world………

I am Lynette Henk, XO Worldwide healthy chocolate nutrition consultant.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727, at [email protected] or at  Order your healthy chocolate as a preferred customer or wholesale member and you receive a free product every third month for the first year.  I love free product!  Might as well get yours.