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Healthy chocolate diet is for real. Weight loss chocolate is good for you and tastes delicious.  We have been hearing on the news about how dark chocolate is good for us but it almost seems to good to be true.  There is a significant health benefit to eating dark chocolate as long as you are eating the cold pressed high antioxidant chocolate.  This is the kind of chocolate that has not been heated or dutched like the candy chocolate you find in most grocery and big box department stores.  The benefit is that this maintains the antioxidant value in the raw cacao which is very healthy for you. Who knew!?

What is an antioxidant Chemistry Antioxidant Definition: “An enzyme or other organic molecule that can counteract the damaging effects of oxygen in tissues. Although the term technically applies to molecules reacting with oxygen, it is often applied to molecules that protect from any free radical (molecules with unpaired electron). ”

Curb cravings with chocolate

Not only is cold pressed chocolate healthier, it can also help you curb cravings instead of focusing on diet diet diet.  Who knew there was a Healthy chocolate diet! Simply enjoy one piece of healthy chocolate 20-30 minutes before each meal with a glass of water.  You will notice that you eat less at mealtime.  What a great way to lose those pounds you packed on over the holidays. For the best results, enjoy a minimum of three to four pieces a day spaced out morning, middle of the day and evening.  One Well Beyond (Xocai) dark power square is only 35 calories!  Increase your antioxidants as good nutrition is so important for your health.  Order now

Healthy chocolate diet

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