Many of us in Florida are now under a stay at home order due to Covid-19 and causing us stress. The Coronavirus pandemic that is affecting us all causing us stress and making us want to eat chocolate. I live in Florida and our stay at home order became effective just a few hours ago at midnight. Even my grandmother who is in her late 90’s has never seen anything like this pandemic in her lifetime. This is certainly not like anything I have ever experienced. It is the fear of the unknown that makes this difficult to handle. None of us have ever experienced this before. All I can say is Thank God for chocolate. I am a bit obsessed with chocolate but seriously chocolate has some major mood benefits.

It is certainly understandable that we are stressed considering the Florida stay at home order, Covid-19 stress, no wonder I eat chocolate! Nothing like this has ever happened to any of us. The concerns are real. The stay at home orders are real. Many parents have been forced to home school their kids when that was never in their plans. Others of us are working from home and trying to make it happen. Even more are out of jobs. The stress is real.

In an article called “Chocolate and Mood – The Connection” by Pathway Genomics, they explain how dark chocolate benefits mood.

Chocolate as a Mood Booster: Many people find chocolate improves their mood and offers emotional comfort. Chocolate is found to promote positive feelings in a person, as it helps in the release of multiple peptides of the brain and gut. To state it simply, when chocolate dissolves and digests in the stomach, it makes one feel good.”

Stress of the stay at home order

Now you can see why I have been grabbing chocolate during the day. It really does help improve my mood. And with everything going on with Covid-19 and the stay at home order, it makes sense to eat some of this delicious chocolate.

We normally recommend you eat at least 3-4 pieces a day spaced out for the best benefit. Also a good choice for kids now forced to home school. No wonder so many of us love chocolate. We love how it makes us feel! I like to eat Beyond healthy chocolates. One piece is equal in antioxidants to over a pound of raw spinach. Easy to get your kids and family to eat this healthy chocolate and now, thanks to Well Beyond they are having a big Buy 2, Get 1 Free SALE! I was so excited to hear about this sale. Normally Well Beyond offers one big sale like this on Black Friday. Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, it is more important than ever to eat healthy foods. Beyond wants to make this chocolate available to you at a great price. Plus you are helping small businesses during this time and we appreciate your support!

Healthy Chocolate Sale Buy 2 get 1 free







So what is the Healthy Chocolate Sale?

Well right now through April 9th, 2020, you can get Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on any of the Beyond Chocolates.

I recommend the Xobiotic Squares if you are looking for a creamier dark chocolate or Power Squares if you want an extreme dark chocolate. Balance Probiotic blend is also on sale buy 2, get 1 free. My family are all eating healthy chocolate and Balance Probiotics during this time.

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Chocolate and Mood – The Connection by Melissa Darcey, https://www.pathway.com/blog/chocolate-and-mood-the-connection/