Has this ever happened to you?

You go on vacation along with your family and realize you don’t hope to go back.  You don’t want to go back to the long hours at your job and your crazy expensive life and taxes at home.  You want a change.  A total change.  Well that happened to me lots of times as we traveled the 24 hour drive along with lots of stops from the Chicago area to Orlando, Florida every year along with the kids.  There was something concerning Florida that was drawing us in.  It was much more than just Mickey Mouse, much more than just the Walt Disney Globe at Epcot and Universal Studios parks, much more than just the beautiful weather and palm trees.  It was more about the slower pace, the getaway from the craziness of a busy Chicago day job and a job ethic that needs you to work work work nonstop, requiring you to give up precious family time and every little thing that matters.  It was enticing to believe we could actually get away from all that and grab what was necessary in life.  It did not hurt that Florida had lower house prices, much lower property taxes and no state income tax making it an option we just kept thinking about over and over in our minds.

There is no doubt that people from the midwest have actually a good job ethic.  It is cold outside and honestly we have actually nothing to do however job it seems.  people in the south take it slower, so no wonder that it is enticing to those of us from the midwest to finally grab a possibility to relax.  I can easily say that it took a while for us to enjoy and focus on a slower pace, however I have actually come to realize that life is short. Don’t wait to take pleasure in life.  If you dream it, you can do it.

As my husband and I would certainly return from our annual Florida vacations, as they had to come to an end, we would certainly stop along the drive back looking at homes we could purchase and looking for jobs we might be able to find. We would certainly strategize ways to make it happen however ultimately return to our Chicago good paying jobs and settle in for just what would certainly be a freezing cold winter and many days of snow shoveling.

photo-1-150x1501Every year our interest in moving would certainly grow as we vacationed in Florida. We have actually now been in Florida for the last 12 years and I can easily tell you it is a slower pace. I have actually much more flexibility as I do my job from the house now and that is one of the most effective benefits. You undoubtedly don’t have to move to Florida to work from home. The wonderful thing concerning working out of the house in a home based business is that you can easily own them anywhere, in the United States or in lots of countries.

Don’t wait to live your dream

I am thankful that my husband and I finally decided to take the plunge along with three children in tow so many years ago.  Adjustment can easily be difficult however it can also be worthwhile as it was for us.  I started realizing we had only lived in Illinois because my dad had been transferred for a job opportunity.  We had traveled to lots of areas for job transfers including Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It made me realize we could put down roots anywhere we wanted.  Now that my husband and I are both 50, we have actually lots of friends that are tired of working in the corporate environment and that are looking for an alternative.  Lots of people we know have actually been able to successfully do their job from home and everyone I know wants this for themselves.  Others realize a house business could grab them the ability to retire early.  Some realize that a house based business, even one that earns a small income, can easily still be a wonderful tool at tax time.  Business deductions on a house based business make it a smart choice for many.  It is fairly enlightening to have a discussion on the tax benefits of a business from home along with your tax advisor. disneyview-300x1681




Which home business to choose?

For me the choice was simple.  I was not looking for a business at all.  Having family members along with serious chronic health issues, I merely wanted us to feel better and I was researching every little thing feasible to reach that goal.  As quickly as I found out concerning cold pressed healthy chocolate, I was intrigued.  Research benefits of antioxidants or benefits of chocolate and the studies are shocking.  I quickly knew that we had to start incorporating healthy chocolate in to our diet.  That was 5 years ago and we have actually never stopped consuming this healthy chocolate.  We send it off along with our children to college to make certain they are consuming enough antioxidants, we provide it to our autistic son and my husband and I have actually our own healthy chocolate regimen.  I start my day along with my Beyond protein shake, have actually an Xe energy drink mid day, consume my Xobiotic chocolates and I additionally love the Xovitality anti-aging capsules.  My hubby prefers the Activ and takes a shot of Activ throughout the day, the Xe energy and the Xovitality anti-aging capsules.  His favorite chocolate is the Beyond nugget.

It quickly became evident that this could become a home based business for us.  We already believed in the products and we love to assist people.  That is really just what my business is about.  Helping people improve their health and succeed in business to produce wealth.  Health and Wealth.  The most effective of both worlds.

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Now is the time to grab your spot in the healthy chocolate business.  People are finally understanding the reality that our meals are depleted of spinach-300x3002most of what we need to be healthy.  People are tired of getting sick and people notice a difference as quickly as they start consuming a lot of antioxidants.  As far as price, it is so much cheaper to consume healthy chocolate to grab your antioxidants compared to it is to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the farmers market or your local grocery store.  As quickly as I priced it out on sale at my local Winn-Dixie grocery store, it would certainly cost me over $12 a person per day to consume the antioxidants in merely three little pieces of chocolate.  Since the three pieces of chocolate only ran me $2.50 a day, it was a no brainer that the chocolate was much cheaper.  Plus It would certainly be difficult to convince my family to be consuming tons and tons of fruits and vegetables every day.  It was just not realistic.

I quickly learned how enjoyable this business can easily be.  I love having a group of people that hope to assist others succeed as well.  It additionally helps to have actually an amazing up-line along with many supports from corporate available.

I did my due diligence.  I found a company that uses a patented process to make an amazing product line of healthy chocolates.  They even own the rights to the words healthy chocolate.  There is no competition once you compare the antioxidant values of our products.  We are healthy chocolate.  We are the category creator.  The company is debt free, Has actually been in business for ten years and they care and are concerned about the needs of their members.  The compensation strategy is exceptional including the brand-new VIP Wealth Group choices that offers the Wealth Coding Bonus incentive.  The coding bonuses make it one of the most lucrative means to earn cash up front as quickly as starting your business.  I additionally liked that it was easy and affordable to grab my spot in the business.  For merely $500 I could grab a Wealth Group kit that included 13 of our products so you have actually a good understanding of some of the most popular products.  It additionally included a kit that had every little thing I needed to get started right away in business as well as a website for a year and a back office where you can easily manage your earnings, sales and commission checks.

I have people in my group that job exclusively online, some utilizing social media and blogs, I have actually others that job exclusively in person, meeting along with doctors, therapists, dentists, spas and those interested in health meals. I have actually others that make certain they are branded by wearing healthy chocolate clothing and people stop them all the time asking is there really a healthy and balanced chocolate.  I have actually been stopped at the mall, I have actually been stopped at church, I have actually been stopped at the grocery store.  People hope to know the information concerning this chocolate.   There are so many choices along with this business.  How you choose to be successful in your business is up to you.

Get started today.  Don’t wait one more second.

We are Three Sons Marketing LLC.  We are in SW Florida however we actually have mentoring programs online as well.  We can easily be reached at 941-216-5727 or visit us directly at LiveForChocolate.com.  Be sure to check out the VIP wealth Group or business builder options.  Those are the most effective choices to grab your spot in this amazing business.