Healthy Chocolate flavanol smoothie options

I have actually been thinking extremely hard about the recent uptick in peer testimonial journal researches on the benefits of cocoa flavanols, cocoa flavonoids and also complete ORAC6 (anti-oxidants). The outcomes were so unbelievable to my mind that I was completely intrigued. Here are just a few of the researches I have actually read that may fascinate you;

 Chocolate flavanol consumption enhances cognitive feature, high blood pressure control, and also metabolic account in elderly topics: the

Cocoa, Cognition, as well as Aging(C0C0A)Research– a randomized regulated trial Cocoa antioxidants and cardiovascular health. The neuroprotective effects of cacao flavanol as well as its  influence on cognitive efficiency.  The more I check out the advantages of cocoa flavanol on cognitive efficiency, the more interesting it becomes to me. The last study I discussed above, “The neuroprotective effects of cocoa flavanol and its influence on cognitive performance “was especially fascinating when it mentions in their conclusion that”flavonoids protect cognitive abilities during aging in rats, reduced the threat for creating Alzheimer’s illness and lower the danger of stroke in people.”Can I simply say wow? Currently you see why I am delighted.  

They do take the time to speak about the the advantages as well as the feasible detrimental affects, eventually specifying the benefits greatly surpass the downsides. Nonetheless, they are not speaking about Healthy Dark Belgium Chocolate. Beyond Healthy Delicious chocolate is made with a patented procedure that does not warm the delicious chocolate keeping in the anti-oxidants and flavanols from the raw cacao which is exactly what the delicious chocolate as well as cocoa are made from. Knowing this, and that a Healthy Chocolate without waxes, fillers, refined sugars, one that is diabetic friendly, gluten free, vegan as well as some that are totally dairy free, make Beyond Chocolate a fantastic option if you are looking for high quality Belgian Chocolates as well as the health advantages in the research.

 When checking out the last study, this really captured my focus.”Epicatechin is quickly absorbed in humans and also is obvious in plasma 30 min after intake. Epicatechin focus get to a peak 2– 3 h after consumption and return to standard worth by 6– 8 h after intake of flavanol-rich chocolate. The total results of a daily routine intake could potentially accumulate , primarily if absorbed in high doses “

Did you read that? Wow!  The total results of  a daily routine intake could potentially accumulate, primarily if absorbed in high doses.”  Permission to eat all the Beyond Healthy Chocolate you want!  This is precisely why you should be eating and enjoying  Beyond Healthy and pure Chocolate regularly. Healthy Chocolate Company suggests you consume at the very least 3 healthy chocolate items a day.  Just what you determine to do is up to you and also your household.  Honestly, even beginning to integrate a small amount of chocolate daily is a start in the right direction.  Years ago my hubby as well as I started with a box of Power Squares.  These are small, 33 calorie each, 37,373 ORAC6 (anti-oxidants) in each specific piece and also 672 flavonoids.  This was enough for both of us to have two pieces a day.  It was not long before we were ordering more, but it did get us started and gave us 30 days to try it out for ourselves.

The amounts are individually verified by third party  ICT Labs. On my brand-new favored product, Beyond Activ, I can take a 1 ounce swig of this healthy and balanced concoction and obtain 53,558 ORAC6 (anti-oxidant)and also 1,892 Flavonoids(mg) per liquid ounce. If you do not wish to mix it, it could even be added in powder form and sprinkled on food.  “Current studies on cacao have shown that best results were received by taking in a daily minimum of 600-900 mg of Total Flavonoids, plant-based antioxidants that assist the body’s cells withstand damages by free radicals”.  The Beyond Activ Healthy Chocolate Drink has an amazing 1.829 mg of Overall Flavonoids per liquid ounce.  

The research is quite clear.  Everyone should be eating Beyond Healthy chocolates at least three times a day, spaced out morning, noon and night for the best benefit.  


I have been really interested in the recent uptick in peer testimonial journal studies on the advantages of cocoa flavanols, chocolate flavonoids as well as complete ORAC6 (antioxidants). When reading the last research study, this actually caught my interest.

When checking out the last research study, this actually captured my attention. Did you see that?

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