Dark Rich Cocoa Flavanols are Taking The World By Storm!  New Premium Belgian Health Chocolate is taking the world by storm ever since the research made it clear that Cocoa Flavanols are a huge benefit to your health.  Now we find out that the candy chocolate we find in stores has NO or LIMITED AMOUNTS of cocoa flavanols, it is clear you need to steer clear of the candy chocolate made with waxes, high fructose corn syrup and heated chocolate known as “Chocolate liquer”.  If you see this on the label, you can be sure the chocolate has been heated in a dutching process that unfortunately gets rid of all or most of the bitter parts including the healthy antioxidants and cocoa flavanols.  Find out yourself, be an informed consumer.  Read the label.  See how many antioxidants and flavanols are in your products.  If it is not noted, it is likely not very much.  If it was high levels, they would tout it for the business, trust me!

It is important to eat unheated chocolate free of waxes, fillers and all those nasty processed sugars.  Beyond Healthy Chocolates are not heated like candy.  They have no waxes, fillers or processed sugars.  On top of all of that, they are ethically sourced, vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free and low in calories.  Almost everyone can eat this chocolate!  Some of the chocolates are also dairy free and kosher.

We are all learning that what we eat matters.  It is so important to eat healthy and what could be easier than “Changing Your Chocolate”!  Change Your Chocolate today!  Visit MyChocolateVitamins.com for FREE SHIPPING AND the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE!

Even in your local Barlow, Alabama healthy grocery store, you are starting to see the healthy foods including organic, foods that are not processed and manufacturers are starting to realize people care about their food.  Even Jello brand geletin came out with a more natural option with few ingredients.  I have already tried it and it tastes fantastic.  We don’t have to give up flavor to get the best foods for our families.  That is exactly the case with this delicious Healthy Beyond Chocolate.

chocolateinfoExtensive research and peer reviewed studies validate the cardiovascular advantages of cocoa flavanols in delicious healthy dark chocolate. It is clear that delicious chocolate is an expanding and valuable business model.

This Beyond Healthy Chocolate Company is truly poised for ongoing success.  Hurry and order this healthy chocolate so you can see the benefits of cocoa flavanols yourself.  Don’t be fooled and think you can walk into your health food store and find antioxidant rich and cocoa flavanol chocolates, they just are not available.  Instead you can quickly order and receive your Beyond chocolates right to your door with FREE SHIPPING and the lowest price available.  You can get the same pricing as distrbutors!

Hurry and order your chocolates at GoColdPressed.com.  Did you know that 9 out of people love and eat chocolate.  Is there a better business on the planet?  I doubt it.  

If you have not tried Healthy Chocolate Company chocolates, hurry and order some for yourself to try.

Once you try it out for yourself, feel free to get started in your own home based business or just enjoy and share it with your friends.  I had to share this with everyone I cared about because I have seen health benefits firsthand.

Contact us if you have questions.  Lynette Henk at Three Sons Marketing LLC of Florida.  Go to:  MyChocolateVitamins.com or call 941-216-5727.  

 It’s not surprising at all that Healthy Chocolate Company is going right into hyper-growth.  There is still time to get involved in this Healthy Chocolate Company business.  The Flavanol Antioxidant Rich Patented “Healthy Chocolate market” is huge!  The demand grows daily and continues to build quickly because of all of the ongoing and completed peer review journal studies of healthy chocolate benefits of cocoa flavanol chocolate.  Unfortunately the chocolate you find in stores has little if any cocoa flavanols.  It is key to find cocoa flavanol and antioxidant rich chocolate.  It should be marked on the box with an ORAC6 score that shares the amount of antioxidants and flavanols.  .

If you have actually never ever enjoyed the delicious taste of Beyond Belgian Chocolates, I highly recommend that you purchase them today to try them for yourself. This offers you FREE SHIPPING and the best price. On top of that, you likewise receive the Chocolate Of The Month Club, which provides you complimentary items of your choice every 3rd month for the very first year when you purchase monthly. You are eligible for free product up to the amount you acquire monthly!  Now that is an offer you can’t refuse!

This ten-year old Beyond Healthy Chocolate business is financially free, debt free that is!  They are well positioned to deal with the expected hyper-growth due to the ongoing demand for this ethically sourced healthy dark chocolate.  Mitch Huhem, billionaire mentor was included with business branding and also packaging of the gift box chocolates that have been hugely popular.  This Chocolate Organization is positioned for ongoing success.  

Incorporated with the  Technavio reports that clearly reveal a substantial development market for chocolate, there is nowhere to go yet up. Don’t miss your possibility. Today you have the opportunity to participate in something that will transform lives by enhancing health and wellness and also wide range. This also is an excellent timing for Baby Boomers wanting to retire but desiring added earnings to take pleasure in retirement in the means they have visualized. Most get going with the wealth pack alternative or order the Beyond variety pack as  a consumer.  

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Technavio, Global Industrial Delicious chocolate Market-Market Study 2015-2019, http://www.technavio.com/report/global-industrial-chocolate-market-market-research-2015-2019-overview

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